The Rig: Patrick La Roque | Ledesma Photography

Who are you and what’s your profession?

My name is Patrick La Roque and I’m a commercial, portrait and documentary photographer based in Montreal, Canada — Although we actually live in a little town called Otterburn Park, about 30 minutes away. We have three young kids: a boy and two little girls. Keeps us busy… I switched to photography as a full-time gig about 7 years ago. Before that I was a musician, I worked in post, multimedia, I was a partner in a production company… Left it all behind to pursue a craft that quite suddenly gobbled me up after years of simply being a hobby. I realized one morning that I didn’t want to be doing anything else and moved on. No regrets.

What’s your rig?

I shoot an X-Pro1 and X100. The X100 is essentially my 35mm lens, with the X-Pro1 being my main workhorse. I use XF lenses exclusively and jump between the 35, 14, 60 or the two zooms depending on the job or the shot I’m looking for. I also have an F-Mount adapter that I mainly use with an old, original Lensbaby when I’m feeling experimental; I still love that thing. Lately I’ve started shooting with a Nikkor 50mm f2 as well, a lens I received as a gift…….

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