The trinity: Fujifilm X-Pro1 vs. X-E1 vs. X100 (Part 4)
Optical viewfinders | Alexander Sasha Starcevic

In this 4th part of my comparison, the Fujifilm X-E1 will not really take part, because I will cover the optical viewfinders (OVFs) – and the X-E1 simply doesn’t have one.

The OVF on the X100 was one of the reasons I fell in love with that camera. So expected the same to happen on the X-Pro1. However, I was quite surprised to find that the X100’s viewfinder is actually quite a bit more comfortable to look through than the X-Pro1’s. I do not see a huge difference in the technical specifications, but from practical use, I find a noticeable difference. Of course the X100’s viewfinder is optimized only for one focal length, while the X-Pro1’s OVF has even an additional lens built in to cover both wideangle lenses and normal/tele lenses. So it’s even more complex than the OVF in the X100.

The difficulty with all rangefinder-type viewfinders is that you don’t exactly see what you get, since the OVF is on a different optical axis than the lens (parallax). The closer the subject is, the more pronounced the effect is. A longer focal length also makes it more difficult. I have illustrated this with some pictures taken through the viewfinder of the X-Pro1. I apologize for the bad quality, but I only had an iPhone 4 at hand. Nevertheless, I hope this helps to illustrate my comments.

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