The X100T and Marrakesh Part 2 | Stockografie

This is part II of a two part blogpost on a visit to Marrakesh. If you have not read Part I please do so. All photographs where taken with the Fujifilm X100T. Some of them are Jpegs OOC and some of them are edited raw files using Lightroom 6. On day 4 it was time to hit the streets of Marrakesh again. The Fujifilm X100T with the Artisan & Artist 103 camera strap and the lens hood mounted on it where slung around my shoulder. It was time for a cooking class today. My wife and I had booked this with the great help of the guys and girls of Riad Aguaviva. I cannot repeat often enough how helpful they were. The cooking class was great. First off we learned a lot about the spices which are in the Tajine we were going to cook. After that it was time to hit the local market and grab all the goodies including choosing a live chicken. If you wanted you could take a look at the chicken being slaughtered and then also being cut into it´s peaces. Yes I know that sounds cruel but we should all be aware of the fact that if you eat meat it comes from a living animal in the first place…….


Fuji X100T

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