Things we do in the Metro | Michiel Fokkema

Metro rides can be boring, even in Paris. Unless you have a camera with you!

In between photo walks or in the evening when going back to the hotel in the city of light, the metro is the way of transportation of choice.Until I got the excellent Fujifilm X-Pro1 I used mainly B&W film when strolling through Paris. Shooting this kind of pictures in the metro with B&W film is possible but with a digital camera with live view on the back, great high ISO capabilities, very silent operation and auto focus it is much less of a gamble. Not much post processing was needed on these photos. Some minor exposure adjustments due to user error and some white balance tweaks on a few photos were the only adjustments needed. The liveview and the people being so self engaged make this kind of photography very easy. When doing well you do not get noticed at all.

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