This is my favourite time of the year for photography
(Port Moody with the Fuji X-Pro1) | Olaf Sztaba

The September-October period is my favourite time of the year for photography. It is the time when the summer “blue skies” days are over and instead you begin to encounter morning fog, stormy skies and the sun trying to find a space to get through. Recently, I was driving my son home from his late-afternoon activity. The conditions outside were plain horrible – dull light and never-ending rain (it is Vancouver, after all) – the kind of afternoon when you wished you had stayed home. As we were driving I noticed a sudden clearing from the west accompanied by fog and misty air. I quickly parked near Rocky Point Park in Port Moody and took out my Fuji X-Pro1. As I started walking toward the pier I couldn’t believe my eyes. The dark rainy clouds had turned into a beautifully coloured mosaic. Fog was flowing above the water and naturally diffused golden rays accompanied the park lanterns, which were just turning on.

In this magical moment I shot about 15 images, each of them without a tripod. In a few minutes it had all disappeared. The openings in the clouds closed and the rain started. Once again, one of my favourite images was taken unexpectedly. All shots were taken with the Fuji X-Pro1, Fujinon XF 18mm F2 and processed in Lightroom 4.

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hello, it was really shocked me that you didn’t use tripod at all for this shot.
Do you mind telling me what is the trick?
because there is no available good RAW converter except silkpro.

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