Visiting Joshua Tree… again | Karim Haddad

It was my first real opportunity for landscape photography with the X-Pro1. I already shared some infrared shots from my recent trip to Joshua Tree National Park.  It was my second time there; the first was in the spring of 2012 shortly after I bought my 5D Mark III – also the site of my first landscape shoot with that camera. Once again, going to Joshua Tree was an opportunity for some well-needed alone time. It was the day after Thanksgiving and I was in Los Angeles to see my family. After driving for about three hours, I finally made it to the park on Friday afternoon, knowing I would have to leave less than 24 hours later. So I didn’t have much time… and to make matters worse, it started raining as soon as I got past the gate. I kept driving until I found a good place to stop and shoot. After I found what might have been an ideal spot, I decided to keep driving until the rain stopped (not a very good idea in hindsight). Eventually the rain did stop though, so I pulled over somewhere. As soon as I had fired off a few shots, the rain started coming down again…..

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