Why I Chose Small Compact Camera Like Fujifilm X100T | Wazari Wazir

Actually this is not so much about Fujifilm X100T camera but more about on why in certain situation it is better to have a small compact camera than using a big bulky DSLR camera. Most professional photographers doesn’t use a small compact camera as their main arsenal, most of them are using it as their backup or simply a second camera in case their big brother are in trouble but nowadays the image quality that you can get from a small compact camera like Fufilm X series and other brand with similar specification is good enough for serious task. Take a street photography for an example, if we were given a task to photographed or document a life on the street, I think nothing can beat small compact camera, simply because people don’t really bother, people don’t really care about you, you are not means serious business, you are just another “tourist” in the city. I’ve use DLSR all my life and whenever I take it out on the street, people will always pays attention to it and sometimes I miss a lot of great moment and most of the times I feel uncomfortable……

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Fuji X100T

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