X-Pro 1 w/Minolta MD 50mm 1.2 Plain 55mm Wide Open |
IK Photography

Reminder – This is not scientific, rather a quick test to show how excellent these Minolta fast 50mm lenses truly are at their widest aperture ranging from f/1.2-f/1.4. These are all the fastest 50’s i currently own, from plain MD’s to Auto Rokkors, they are all fantastic with very slight variations in sharpness between them, however, in my opinion, the early Auto Rokkors take the cake beating out the much revered 50mm 1.4 PG at least in the photos below and also from my experience with all 50’s i own. Nonetheless, they are all fantastic performers on the X-Pro 1 regardless of which you choose.

You be the judge… All images shot at their Widest Aperture – Straight Out of Camera JPG B&W with Red Filter -1EV – No Processing…

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