X-Pro raw conversions from AccuRaw Beta 5 | ChromaSoft

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In a previous post, I has mentioned the existence of a „new product“. Well, AccuRaw is now in a closed beta. AccuRaw isn’t of course aimed at the X-Pro specifically. AccuRaw is, as its name suggests, intended to deliver technically accurate raw conversion rather than the „Hollywood colors“ conversions that most current raw developers deliver by default. But one part of what AccuRaw does to to give very fined grained control over the internal operation of the demosaic process. Specifically, it has sliders that control artifact suppression in luminance and chrominance, and post-demosaic chroma filtration. So you can tune the demosaic to suit your camera, the nature of the subject, etc, rather than have the one-size-fits-all of the mainstream raw developers.

Of course, this makes AccuRaw potentially useful to owners of camera with X-Trans sensors. So here’s a quick comparison showing AccuRaw vs the other guys….

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Lapin luonto, Inari | Utsjoki - North Finland | Juha Periniva
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