X-Pro1 – Cologne Cathedral at night | Michael on Digital Photography Review

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My first outing with the Fuji (after selling all my Nikon D700 gear) for a test shooting in Cologne: 8 x 3 Shots (+1 / 0 / -1 BKT) with 60mm in Velvia Film Simulation and DR200.


I stitched each set of exposures first then loaded the single-exposure-panoramas as layers and played around a bit with masks
(all Photoshop)

I find the resolution from the in cam panos is to low. The benefit of high res is that you can use iso 6400 for example and still get impressive print sizes… At least that was the case with my d700 and the xpro is compareable if not better due to more megapickles…

The reason for the 60 mm was the distance to the object of at least 300 or more meters…
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