X | Simon Goldsworthy

Admittedly, most cameras seem to have an X in their name these days ;-) . I further admit that I can’t see the point in owning multiple Fuji X cameras. I can see myself wanting two FF cameras to shoot events, but otherwise I’m glad I sold my X-Pro1. Cameras like that ought to be used, not sit on the shelf. Equally though, I’ve been through a period of not enjoying shooting so much with my Fuji X cameras. It’s fair to say I recognise the issue that Steve Huff described in his review of the X-E2 around image flatness, though I do not attribute it to the x-trans sensor like him, but rather to the metering/exposure defaults in the cameras. They suit some conditions but not others (notably really contrasty light) when the meter seems to go crazy (but you can still get decent exposures manually). That said, in favourable conditions the results from the x-trans sensor are stunning. I bought a X-E2 back in October last year and I was initially very impressed with the camera and its results. It was a big improvement in focus speed over the X-E1 in good light. The wifi (which I’ve rapidly come to the conclusion is an essential for new cameras) is excellent and easy to use, particularly when out and about. It had improved high ISO image quality over the X-E1 and X-Pro1. But it wasn’t so great in the mirk of dark winter (primarily because of the auto iso implementation – it was fine in manual), nor the extreme contrast when the sun emerged. In fairness, my poor photography abilities must take some of the credit, but there’s no doubt that I had some issues with image quality…….

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