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Excellent lens! Equivalent 42mm ( 35mm format ) i actually like this focal range quite a lot, for me it just seems to work with my style of shooting. This lens is sharp wide open at F2 with a slight touch of softness. Fantastic performance on the X-Pro 1. Very good correction of aberrations without light falloff also wide open. Between f2.8 and 5.6 the optical quality is absolutely fantastic. A complex floating lens elements design. Nice bokeh wide open at F2-5.6. The 28mm F2 Minolta MD has great mechanical construction as with other Minolta lenses of this era. This lens is a gem. Hard to find on the used market, get it if you can. The lens balances well but a tiny bit front heavy on the X-Pro 1 but nothing to be concerned about, would be fantastic with the optional grip which will add some extra weight though not in the territory of DSLR’s with comparable focal length. As can be seen on the photo above, its a bit long compared to other Minolta 28mm lenses, its an absolute joy to use, nice smooth rubberized focus grip. Aperture ring has half stops as well…

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