10 Truths About Being a Photographer | Alexandra Cameron

Is it the best job ever? Well yeah, sometimes, most of the time really, but it also comes along with some bullsh** that not everybody realizes. I know that most people would imagine being a photographer is all glamour, all fun, all exciting… well here’s some things that really happen…

1. You end up spending a lot of time on your own

Because if photography is your job, then editing can take up a ton of time, and that means being stuck inside for days sometimes staring at a screen… on your own. You stare outside at the beautiful sun waiting for your eyes to adjust because they’ve been glued to an image you’ve been working on for the last two hours and don’t even know what it is anymore because square eyes do seem to exist. It’s not all bad, you can work to music, or a series you’re working your way through in the background, but it is lonely, and you do start to feel antsy… or even sad. BUT it’s your job isn’t it, so you just have to keep on it till it’s done, because paychecks are harder to come by, and the sooner it’s done, the sooner you can get paid……..

Source: petapixel.com