2 AM, FujiCreate and X-T1 | Nick Palliser

Well, another project comes to a close, 2 AM. After many months of shooting at night, from Bournemouth to Edinburgh, I have edited, printed, produced a book and finalised the project. After my „The Munchies“ project I felt something was unfinished, a path not yet fully explored, hence 2 AM. Here in the UK, my place of birth yet somewhat of an enigma to me after so many years living overseas, much has changed. Licensing hours changed to come into line with the rest of Europe, smoking was banned in public places and Bouncers have become Door Supervisors. The night time world has changed from my youth and the social night time world is now very different. It was a fun project, both challenging and exhilarating in equal amounts. The aim was to document the current night time social world, which created many challenges in itself. Shooting at night, in a pure documentary manner (that is without subject knowledge and active participation) is a challenge in itself. Then there is the issue of images of suitable quality taken handheld at high iso. These are things which remind me why I love my Fuji cameras. The size is such they are unobtrusive and can be carried easily and with a form factor which does not make you stand out. Couple that with their outstanding high iso capabilities and I would struggle to find a better tool for the job. Sure a Nikon D4 may be great at high iso but it’s size and weight have nothing subtle about them whatsoever. The whole project was shot with my XE-2 and 35mm f/1.4 and 56mm f/1.2 lenses. What! I hear you exclaim, 56mm for documentary?……..

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