2 years of mirrorless shooting | Philipp Winter

About 2 years ago i made a difficult but rational decision. I decided to let go the most desired camera model i ever owned, the Canon 5D Mark 2. Not just the body, but my complete set of lenses and accessoires i purchased all the years before. I seriously love this camera. I captured so many lovely shots with it, carried it to the highest mountains and to far shores and took some great family videos with it. But as time went by, the big camera bag stayed at home more often. I didn’t wanto to carry around all the lenses, the big camera body, and taking pictures in public made everyone look at the guy with the big ass camera. I definitively prefer to stay in the background. So these images were the last ones to be captured by a FF camera…….

Source: www.lichtscheu.org

Fuji X-E1

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