2015 Fujifilm X-Photographer’s Book | Matt Brandon

Fujifilm is contacting it’s X-Photographers (I assume all of them, but I don’t know for certain) and asking them to submit one image for their 2015 book highlighting their X-Photographers. Honestly, it’s a marketing tool saying, “Look at how good our cameras work in the hands of our X-Photographers!” That’s OK with me, I understand that marketing needs to be done and it provides another nice showcase for many people’s work – a win, win. I was asked by Fujifilm Malaysia to submit one photo. But I have thousands. So which one do I give them? The first step I took was to open up Adobe Lightroom and use it’s nifty library filter feature and select only photos taken with Fujifilm X-series cameras. I then narrowed it down to my 5 star images. From that point it was a matter of just plowing through the 5 stars and finding a few selects. I was able to narrow the first draft to about 23 images…….

Source: thedigitaltrekker.com

Fujinon XF Lenses

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