5 Ways that Fear Inhibits Your Photography | Mark Morris

For starters, this is not your typical ‘how to improve a specific thing in your photography’ type of article. I do feel strongly, however, that this topic is one that is very important for creatives of all sorts to wrestle with, so I decided to go out on a limb, and share an experience from a few weeks ago where I thought I had really fallen short as a photographer. The speed with which I doubted myself, and let fear settle into my thinking was a big surprise! It has been on my mind an awful lot since that day, so I offer a few thoughts on the topic of fear. Fear is an intrinsic element inside nearly every human psyche. I personally have been blessed or cursed (depending on how you want to view it), with a very strong and healthy ego. I have a very deep sense of competence and assurance in myself, and at the root of my personality, I believe that through hard work and commitment to my craft, I will continually produce an improving body of work. At least that is how I have always believed myself to be……

Source: improvephotography.com