A Glimpse of India | Michael Ang

A few months back, I got to travel to one of the most culturally rich countries in the world, India. I was sent there for work, though the purpose was mainly to learn from people I work with in my current role. It was 6 full weeks of work, travel, and the worse part of it – being away from my family. Still, I relished in this rare opportunity as I knew I could go around places during the 6 weeks, get to know more about India, it’s culture, it’s places, and it’s people. I’ve had a lot of interesting places I got to: Gardens, Temples, more Temples, and even more Temples, that were fascinating in so many different aspects. We got to go around Bangalore, go to Mysore, Shravanabelagola and Belur. We of course wanted to swing by Delhi and take a trip north to see the Taj Majal – but plans didn’t push through. Some other time maybe. :) I brought my Fuji X-E1 along with the Fuji 35/1.4 and Zeiss 50/1.7. I could remember a few years back during my trip in Singapore, I was a DSLR user back then, and after bringing it the first day, it was just left in the hotel for the next days as my back and shoulders were already hurting. I never had this experience with the Fuji X. It’s really something you can bring wherever, and you’d be able to focus on taking photos instead of thinking about where the next stop is so you can get some rest on your sore back…….

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