A little gear-talk | Victor Hamke

As I’m having conversations about gear all the time I think it’s time to talk a little bit about what I use for my work. First of all: What is that work? Many of you will mostly know my darker Fine Art work (composings and such), but that’s not my full body of work, it’s just the part that I like to display on my Fine Art Facebook site. Other than this I also do weddings and portraits. So my gear has to deliver on many fronts. Because I’m always thirsty to find out what fits best for me, I’ve used a few systems in the past. Canon full-frame with its glorious L lenses (yea, they are indeed as glorious as you have heard before), Nikon full-frame (that was my shortest brand-journey) and Sony full-frame (A7 series). I mention that for two reasons. First I think that my experience with different systems lead to a relatively sophisticated opinion of the strengths and weaknesses. And second I’d like to point out that – although being an official Fujifilm photographer by now – I feel in no way obligated to advertise their products. They approached me after seeing that I use their gear, not the other way around. Ok, ok, I’ll go ahead. As many others I started with the most common brand – Canon. Their cameras are very solid and their most expensive contenders have no real technical weaknesses in my opinion (their sensors don’t match either Sony or Nikon though). Nikon? Maybe a tad quicker AF, but an inferiour lens lineup – for me at least…..

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Fuji X-T1

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