A Practical Review of the XF35mmF2 | Joe Jongue

I’ve recently been selected to review loan equipment by Fujifilm Australia, the first of those was the acclaimed XF35mmF2. When Fujifilm announced the XF35mmF2 it was well received throughout the Fuji community but I believe that’s largely due to the reputation of the original XF35mmF1.4 which was and still is an amazing lens. Although they both share the same focal length they are different in almost every respect, having used the lens for almost a good solid month I will share my experiences with using this lens. As with all my other reviews, there’s no charts or pixel peeping here, I’m only concerned about real world performance and user experience. With a focal length equivalent to 50mm full frame, it is not uncommon to see lenses in this focal length in just about every photographer’s kit, hence why the original XF35mmF1.4 is popular  among Fuji X camera users. But like most things original, they are not all perfect and often  have some minor flaws which later revisions are set out to address and that’s what happened here…….

Source: A Practical Review of the XF35mmF2