A walk in the sun with the M240 | Simon Goldworthy

I decided, since I was toying with the idea of selling my M240, to take it to London on a day with sun, to see what I had been missing. As it happens, I had been missing a lot. The M system is simply unparalleled in terms of optical performance. The A7r with 55mm mounted may well exceed the performance of the M240 with 50mm F2 mounted. Frankly, I don’t expect to ever find out! However, whatever quibbles some may raise about CMOS vs CCD (sorry lads, it does seem in the realms of insisting that ford bring back a car without synchromesh for gear changes as far as I’m concerned…) the optical performance of the M240 with Leica or Zeiss rangefinder lenses mounted is simply staggering. The design compromises in the sensor still tend towards absolute sharpness at low ISO vs high ISO performance. I still don’t rate the sensor above 1600 ISO – but it takes stunning pictures at base ISO and frankly lovely ones at any ISO……

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