A Whole Wedding with the Fuji XE1 | Colin Nicholls

One thing I have always had the back of my mind is shooting a full wedding with an XE1 / Xpro1, fuji haven’t quite got there with the lens selection for me to really try this just yet but I can see the future fast approaching [56mm!]. The other day i got the chance to take on a second shooting job at a wedding in monmouth, fuji in hand I set out for some experimentation. I’ve mentioned second shooting on here before, that is being the second photographer at the wedding, this has several advantages and is great for learning and pushing the bar. Being the primary photographer you have certain commitments, that is a commitment to deliver a service and product that reflects your abilities, this leaves little room for experiments as after all it’s someones wedding day. I would never be so bold as to try out a new technique or piece of equipment until I was sure I had enough quality images to complete the assignment. This is where second shooting comes in, there is very little pressure and as such you can experiment and try new techniques, that if they fail or look unimpressive you haven’t jeopardised someones wedding photography. I was working along side Richard Walton, a photographer that I have worked with before, as always his energy and creativity shone through which is great to see. With Rich taking the posed shots and main photographs for the day I could try out some new ideas, the main one for this wedding being shooting with the Fuji XE1 exclusively. Ever since I started using the XE1 and 35mm 1.4 lens for wedding photography I have been confident of shooting an entire wedding with it, but also dreading letting go of the reach and comfort of my DSLR thus the reason for usually using them both. But at this wedding it was fuji all the way, and I am really pleased with the results. There were times I wished for more reach, faster focus and an optical viewfinder but being limited to one focal length and travelling light allowed my creativity to come through, I have to move much closer to people to fill the frame and compensate for the slightly sluggish autofocus of the XE1……..

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