Above New York, New York | Riley Joseph

New York is my favourite city. I have discussed with many that it is like being in a huge movie set. I can really point my lens in any direction and find some kind of interestingness to capture. Back in June of this year I booked my flight & hotel for my NYC trip. Johnny Patience’s NYCWLK is what was bringing me to New York, but I wanted to make the absolute most I could of my short time there. I enjoy walking around making snaps as I did in 2013. This time I wanted a different angle. Above. I searched the interwebs for helicopter tours. There are several of them out there at varying prices. It is much more of an investment than your MetroCard.. but definitely worth it. I booked mine with FlyNYON as they were not just a helicopter touring company but they are geared towards photography. On a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon the windows did prove to be a pain for photography. FlyNYON fixes that by removing the doors. thus removing reflections & the impediment of the window…….

Source: www.rileyjoseph.com

Fuji X-T1

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