ACROS film simulation with urban and architectural elements (and the ongoing X-Pro2 report) | Vassilios Zacharitsev

With the introduction of the X-Pro2, Fuji added yet another film simulation to the several fantastic ones already at place. This time it’s again one of their own films, the Neopan ACROS. I have shot with ACROS several times in the past (I regret I don’t currently have a roll around to photograph next to the X-Pro2!). Here are three examples shot some years back. I apologize for the, less than great, scanning, with dust and all… But I believe one can have an idea of what this film is capable of. Neopan is a contrasty, high res B&W film, with rich blacks, vibrant whites and very nice tonal range. Contrary to what some other companies call „film simulations“, Fuji takes great care to replicate the particular characteristics of each film they reproduce, going much further than a simple saturation/contrast curve, but keep something in mind: the film simulations are digital analogs, which means they are customized for a digital’s camera response (X-Trans, in particular)…..