Andalusia, Spain. 2014. Leica M9-P | Rebecca Lily

Our travel to Andalusia last month was my maiden voyage with the M9-P in what I would consider the brightest possible shooting conditions: summer sun at the southern tip of Spain, blaring down at mid-day; white painted cities and the crystal waters of the Atlantic reflecting the light back. I did not use filters and I shot my Nokton wide open at f/1.5. Even in such harsh conditions, incredibly the M9 still managed to capture these scenes with delicate light and detail. After two weeks traveling without a film camera and with only the M9-P and one lens, I was delighted to find that this simple combination gave me everything I was hoping for and then some. It was also wonderful to be able to bring my camera everywhere in a small bag, which wasn’t possible with the Contax 645. As Johnny and I normally shoot extensively when we travel, weight and portability have become important factors for me…..


These shots were post processed in Lightroom 5 with Epiphany, one of the pastel presets from Rebecca Lily Pro Set III, which will be available soon.