Best X-Trans RAW Converter | Fuji vs. Fuji

Evolving Conclusion

I think it’s pretty safe to say that “out of the can,” Irident Developer produces the sharpest, most detail-rich images from X-Trans sensors. It’s actually pretty astounding. The developer seems to have figured out just the right amount of sharpening to apply to his demosaicing algorithms. I can’t believe this is one guy (with a little help from the open source RAW decoding program, dcraw). If you’re a Photo Mechanic or Bridge user on OS X, and you want the most acuity form your images with essentially zero effort, you’d be crazy not to take a long hard look at Iridient Developer. It’s fast, delivers excellent image quality, has the right controls, and the right level of fine-tuning. It could use a few usability tweaks and maybe a visual upgrade here and there, but the software is in very active development so perhaps those tweaks aren’t too far off. PhotoNinja is the runner up as an out of the box solution in terms of detail. I think I prefer the default colour rendering of PhotoNinja as well. There’s a richness and depth to it that’s only exceeded by Capture One, in my opinion. PhotoNinja is also $54 more expensive than Iridient Developer, is a pixelated mess on retina displays, and while it looks like a bit more detail can be pulled out of images with minimal editing, it also does some weird things to more delicate details like clouds. I’m also not convinced that the same results couldn’t be achieved with Iridient Developer with a bit more fine tuning. We’ll soon find out…….