Bye bye Fuji, hello Nikon! | Robert-Paul Jansen

I never thought this would happen. But it did. And I’m pretty sure it’s the step I should have taken a bit earlier: I returned to a dSLR. Yes. A big chunk of electronics, an old-fashioned camera with a mirror, the one you had before you went mirrorless. WHY? I have been shooting mirrorless for about four years now and I have used about every Fujifilm X series camera there has been since the x100 came out. I liked the Fuji cameras but I always had the feeling it wasn’t the perfect camera for me. I was missing something and I think that’s perhaps one of the reasons I kept switching. Yes, Fujifilm cameras are beautiful, well build cameras which produce stunning images while they’re not as heavy as a larger dSLR body..  But the image is getting more important to me. I want to deliver the best images possible to my clients and for my work in general, and I don’t mind carrying that extra few grams to get it. I decided to go for the maximum image quality, not for the best package of the body. Although I must say that the Nikon looks pretty great and really isn’t that big as I thought it would! ………


Fuji X-T1

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