Fujifilm X Pro1 and X100s Street Photograpy in Oslo |
Lars Øivind Authen

On a dark november’s evening like this I miss the Norwegian summer. So after posting lots of pictures from Thailand recently, I thought I’d post some street shots from Norway. These picutres were taken in Oslo during a thai food Read more …


Fujifilm X-E2 Digital Camera | Othman Kammah

I’m not here to review this camera, only to talk about it from my point of view. If you are looking for technical reviews you will be disappointed. There are way more qualified people out there to give you that, Read more …


Reaching out with Photography (using the X-Pro 1) | Neill Soden

Ubuntu Help-Portrait I had the pleasure of joining a group of great people in Swaziland as part of the Ubuntu Help-Portrait. I’ve been wanting to do this since I first heard about it a few years ago. It is a Read more …


Street Photography – Japan + India | Rene Gaviola

‚Upskirting‘ in India and JapanSome street photography during this year’s travel to Japan and India.   Fashion Photography + Street Photography = Better Wedding Photography :) See more pictures on renegaviola.com


Life on X Street | Rodney Boles

I’ve started this blog to focus solely on my street photography with my Fujifilm X cameras. I’ve had an X-Pro1 for about a year (although didn’t really start using it for street work until about 6 months ago on a Read more …


Views of Berlin | Robert Freudenthaler

Berlin really is a fascination of it’s own. I first fell in love with this city during a 5-day-stay back in 2010, when I visited microsoft’s tech ed conference. sadly I had little time during daylight to explore this city, Read more …


X-PLR | LONDON | Vincent Opoku

X-PLR | LONDON was shot with the combination of the x-pro 1 + 35mm and the x100s See more pictures on vopoku.com


London Street Photography with the Fuji X100 | Colin Nicholls

Street photography. Something which I’ve seen and heard about but never really gone into, I like the look of it for sure and the fantastic photos it can produce but one thing has always held me back. The fear! The Read more …


Street Photography Tips with Mehrdad Samak-Abedi | Pictureline

What draws you to street photography? And what do you enjoy the most about it? In retrospect, a documentary about Bruce Gilden was the trigger that got me excited for the genre. Gilden is certainly a photographer who separates street Read more …


Street: Fuji X-Pro1 vs Canon 5D MKII | Dade Freeman

On Friday I met up with Julie Edwards in a café, before putting her FujiFilm X-Pro 1 through its paces as we stalked the streets of Worthing. Julie had kindly agreed to share her knowledge, camera and time with me Read more …