Cuba No Colour – With The Leica Monochrom | Nick Devlin

Havana is a city of legend and ruin, richness and privation. It is also, indisputably, a city of colour in the popular mind.  So travelling there with nothing but a Leica Monochrom was surely madness.  Truth be told, this is partly what attracted me to this hare-brained scheme.  Cuba has been photographed as well and as much as any place on earth –  seen and shown by many of the great eyes of our time.  But always in colour. So when Michael and I departed for a four-day foray into Havana this past March, I took only the Monochrom, leaving my colour cameras behind. I had been told: “Cubans are ridiculously friendly”.   It’s true.  I have never travelled to any place where wealthy, voyeuristic tourists are met with such openness of spirit and friendliness.  For a country that has suffered generations of exploitation, and recently decades of intense economic privation, the general kindness and peaceability of the ordinary people is exceptional…….


Leica M Monochrom

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