Equipment during the trip and some thoughts on the 4.0 Firmware | Jonas Jacobsson

This along with 6 batteries for the X-T1(s), 160 GBs of memory cards, a Manfrotto tripod, Manfrotto Pixi mini-tripod along with some other minor accessories. Fujifilm Nordic provided me with an extra X-T, the X100T and the XF 10-24 mm which was greatly appreciated. I have used double X-T1 bodies during the latest three weddings and it’s a great setup without having to switch lenses as often. At the end of this post I will also briefly touch upon the latest firmware (4.0) for the X-T1. The X100T I wanted to use as a in-between-camera, for the little moments here and there, which it worked very good for. As for lenses I was a bit torn of what to bring. I had used the XF 14 mm on last years trip and it is one of my all-time favorite lenses without a doubt. Have said it before but it’s so small and produces as sharp images across the frame as you could ever hope for, truly a great lens. I had never owned the XF 10-24 before and why I choose the XF 14 mm over it in the first place it was because of sharpness and image quality. When I received the XF 10-24 mm from Fujifilm Nordic I tested it extensively the days before the trip and found that although the wider zoom has a greater angle of capturing images (obviously) the IQ is nowhere near the one of the XF 14 mm, especially in corners. So while I brought along the zoom anyway I ended up basically not using it all, using my wide prime lens instead and simply taking multiple images and then later stitch them together in a panorama afterwards in Lightroom. For me the IQ will always triumph the ability to have a bit wider reach, it’s just not worth it………


Fuji X-T1

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