Feeding stray dogs and killing time in Viñales Cuba | Adrian Seah

A number of very emaciated and scruffy stray dogs roam the main streets, sniffing around the feet of uncomfortable patrons at the restaurants looking for scraps. Their fur clumpy and in patches, rib cages painfully visible, I reckoned the pickings must be slim, as some of these dogs could not be more than a few days away from death. The stronger ones were able to snatch the few scraps of food thrown out by sympathetic tourists, the weaker ones walked away hungry. We made it a point to put aside some food for the weakest ones although deep down, I knew it was akin to trying to stem the flow of the river with a pebble, that starvation would just be prolonged for another day at most. The rest of the time, we just spent visiting the surrounding countryside, soaking in the sunshine and still a little unbelieving of the fact that we were in Cuba, a place I had long dreamed of visiting.

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I just wanted to say I saw this picture and it made me very happy indeed. My partner and I spent 7 days buying food and water for the strays or Trinidad Cuba. It seems more people help then you actually realise

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