Field test | In the zone with the Fujifilm X100T | Basilimobile

I became a fan the first time I looked through the viewfinder of an X100 in a camera store in Singapore in 2011. I never did buy one, but handling that camera was the reason I became a Fujifilm shooter, starting with the wonderful compact X10 and moving onto the steadfast X-E1. I resisted the pull of the improved X100S when it was introduced and bought an X-E2 instead. The newly released X100T with its various internal and external refinements was, however, too much of a temptation and I’m now the very happy owner of an outstanding example of Japanese engineering. I’ve read a lot of reviews of this camera, and there’s a lot of love out there for it. Rather than review the X100T, I decided to test it out on the streets, and in the tradition of classic street photography, using zone focusing. It wasn’t a particularly scientific test, but it was an interesting experiment and a lot of fun. veryone gushes about it, but it really is a beautiful little camera, a piece of industrial art. The latest refinements, particularly the enhanced viewfinder and new rear button design and layout, have pushed this camera closer to perfection. For me, as far as user experience goes, this camera is about as good as it gets, although I have added a Fujifilm thumb grip and a small soft release button – both of which I use on my X-E cameras as they dramatically improve the ergonomics of these types of camera bodies. I’ve also fitted a simple black leather wrist strap that will become more supple as it ages. It secures the camera but is less cumbersome than a neck strap…….


Fuji X100T

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