First Impression: Fuji XF 18mm | Rivals

Okay so the „First Impression“ title may be a reach, I say this because the Fuji XF 18mm was one of the first lenses to ever bless my body (that sounds weird). When I purchased it several months ago I was debating between a Ricoh GR or X-T1 with this lens as my street photography kit, ultimately I ended up with X-T1, but the Fuji X100T has taken over as my go to street kit, and ever since then the XF 18mm f/2 rarely sees the light of day. The lens honestly has a bit of an odd spot in my kit, I normally shoot strictly with the X100T and the 56 f/1.2 for the majority of my work, the 35/85 full frame eqv focal length is all I really need to get any job done. In rare cases where I need to go wide, I step back, but for whatever reason I can’t let this lens go…….


Fujifilm Fujinon XF 18mm F2.0

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