First Impression: Lensmate Fujifilm X100T Thumbrest | RIVALS

Finally… Almost exactly a month ago I did a ‚First Impression‘ blog post on the Fujifilm X100T. I mentioned in that post my affection for the camera, but at the same time I also expressed some things that I thought could improve our relationship. One of the things were a thumbrest, not necessarily for style, though that was a factor, but more so for functionality. The camera is beautifully designed, but for whatever reason Fujifilm decided to installed a scroll wheel to adjust the shutter speed, and despite my every effort not to accidently hit that dial, I did. It literally drove me crazy, so when this little accessory came in the mail a bit of joy came in the mail I smiled from ear to ear. The thumbrest I purchased was from Lensmate, it was designed specifically for the Fujifilm X100T and was the solution to all of my problems…….


Fuji X100T

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