First Impressions of the Fujifilm X-E2 | Bert Stephani

…. I didn’t expect the X-E2 to focus as fast as a Canon 1Dx or a Nikon D4 but I also didn’t expect it to be really useable for shooting soccer. But to my surprise it held up pretty well and I got quite a few action shots. The continuous focus is still a bit hit or miss, but it focusses so fast that I got some nice stuff in single shot focus mode. I’ve seen some impressive numbers about the focus speed after the lenses will have received a firmware update, so things can only get even better in the near future. The X-E1 was a talented and beautiful teenager but being a teenager it could also be a bit moody and extreme at times. The X-E2 is the adult version: the talent is still there and more developed without the rough edges. It feels like a very natural extension of my eyes and hands and allows me to focus on my subject instead of the camera. That became clear when my lovely wife offered to be my subject for a ten minute test portrait shoot. You see, my wife isn’t the kind of person that enjoys being in front of a camera and this was actually the first time she posed for some portraits. So I really wanted this to be a good experience and have some nice results. I was actually pretty nervous knowing that if I messed it up it would take ages for her to volunteer again. The X-E2 was the perfect partner for this first shoot. We both hardly noticed the camera was there……

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