FIRST LOOK: FUJIFILM X-T10 CAMERA review ( part 1 ) | Björn Moerman

As an X-photographer, I was offered a pre-production copy of the new camera, a week ago by the guys of Fujifilm Middle East in Dubai. As always, I need to highlight that this camera is not necessarily the exact same as the final product, which in the UAE is expected to be available in about one month (June 18th). The X-T10 I used had a 1.30 firmware number, while all lenses had the latest firmware updates. Although Fujifilm have not said so, to me the X-T10 almost feels like a replacement for the X-E2 which was announced in October 2013. Their looks however are very different; a bit like two brothers with a different dad but the same mum! The clear difference being that the X-E2 (and X-E1) has a rangefinder look, while the X-T10 looks like an old style SLR. Time will tell, whether we will eventually see an X-E3…


Fujifilm X-T10

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