Five Countries, One Camera: Travels with the Leica Q | Kirsten Vignes

It happened by accident really. A few years ago,  a couple girlfriends and I started talking about getting together. Life had taken us in different directions and we were living in opposite corners of the country. We would all have to travel to see each other, so we figured, why not travel somewhere we’ve never been? We decided on Argentina. A few months later we were exploring the streets of Buenos Aires and riding horses through the vineyards of Mendoza. Since then, our trips have become an annual tradition and our group has grown from the original three to five. This past year marked our third adventure together and our biggest yet: a multi-country trip which included England, France, Turkey, Croatia and Hungary. Without the girls, I may never have ventured to all the places I’ve gone. Anyone who’s traveled knows the importance of a good travel companion. I’ve been fortunate to have found several. But, almost as important as the people I travel with, is the camera that I choose to carry and document my adventures…….