Five NB Questions about the X-Pro2 for professional photographer Leon Oosthuizen

1. What would be the single biggest improvement of the FUJIFILM X-Pro2 from the X-Pro1?

There are many changes to the X-Pro2 that are subtle, but actually noticeable and significant changes from the X-Pro1. The single biggest improvement I would say is speed. Everything about the camera is faster – the autofocus both in acquisition and tracking, the interface, the switch between viewfinder modes and even setting the ISO. The ergonomics and improved user interface all contribute to a faster, more precise tool that is not just an upgrade, but a complete overhaul. For me, the standout features are the ISO dial, the focus point joystick and the front function button. These are things I use all the time. I REALLY hope the X-T2 has that whenever it arrives…….