From the Fujifilm X-E1 to the X-E2 | Randall Cipriano

….. I will reserve any comments about image quality till after I run it through a proper shoot but all-in-all, I’m happy and welcome all the improvements implemented on the X-E2. Physically, it looks like the same camera, but only after using it will you realize the differences and improvements are significant. It addresses a lot of the concerns actual users have pointed out with the X-E1 and to top it off, Fujifilm has managed to merge some of the great features of the last few X series cameras into it as well. I’ve only had the unit for about a week now and I can’t wait to finally test it out in the field. Also, the great guys at Vanguard and Phottix Philippines sent over some awesome stuff that I will be showing you in the next few days and I will be working them along with X-E2 as I head to the land of BB cream and Kimchi in a hours from postings this……

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