Fuji 100-400mm Review | Ken Rockwell

The Fuji 100-400mm is a very long zoom (150~600mm equivalent) for the Fuji X-series cameras.It has great optics and stabilization and is reasonably well made, but it’s expensive, doesn’t focus that close and is mostly plastic. It is nowhere near the quality of a professional DSLR lens like the Canon 100-400mm L IS II which sells for about the same price. Before I’d get too excited about this lens, ask yourself if you really want such a big, expensive and partly plastic lens for a „lightweight“ camera system. I’d suggest you’d be much better off with any Canon DSLR and the Canon 100-400mm L II, which is far superior.For this price for a mirrorless camera, I’d also consider a Sony RX10 Mk III which comes with a superb Zeiss lens that covers the equivalent of 24~600mm f/2.4~4, and includes an excellent camera along with the lens for less than the cost of this much larger Fuji lens alone. To be perfectly honest, I compared the two, and the Sony RX10 Mk III focuses a little faster than this 100-400mm lens on an X-Pro2…..

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