Fuji 100 Series: Why I will probably not buy an X100T | Bill Palmer

A little background: A couple of years ago, back in 2013, I had my first brush with an X100. At the time the X-E1 was my main camera, and I was thinking that the X100 would be complementary. I struggled with it then, and couldn’t quite work out why but, a couple of months later, I sold it on. Fast forward to just before Christmas this year. With the announcement of the X100T, the X100S could be found at decent prices very lightly used on the secondhand market. That, plus the release of the TCL-X100, made me seriously reconsider. I pulled the trigger twice – on a mint X100 and the teleconverter. I decided to use the X100S to take part in the 2015 „Single in January“ picture-a-day activity on the Photographer’s Lounge forum. This is a lighthearted „challenge“ to use one camera and one lens for the month to capture and share one photo a day.  I thought that working with it every day would help me to get to grips with the X100S and learn its quirks and foibles; I had done exactly the same back in 2012 with the Ricoh GRDIII. This time, however, it doesn’t seem to be working…….

Source: macfilos.com

Fuji X100T

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