Fuji 23mm F1.4 / Lens Review | Colin Nicholls

This review will start with my first play with the 23mm about a year ago, I tried this lens and to be honest didn’t like how it felt preferring the view and feel of my 35mm, this recently changed when I got the 56mm lens. These two lenses were very close in focal range I felt I wanted to go a bit wider on my wide angle setup, so I took to eBay and picked up a used 23mm and got to work trying it out, then shot my first wedding with a 23mm/56mm setup, or the much loved 35mm/85mm combo equivalent, and I was very impressed. Image quality on this lens is stunning, it’s incredible sharp and nicely contrasty, wide open at 1.4 you have incredible images which offer a nice amount of background separation for such a wide lens on a crop sensor. This was one of my must haves for this lens, I usually always shoot wide open. And love shallow depth of field, so I wanted something similar to 35mm on full frame, and while the Fuji isn’t quite there, I’m very happy to use it and love the effect it gives……

Source: www.colinnichollsphotography.com

Fujifilm Fujinon XF 23mm F1.4

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