Fuji and Leica for best user experience and return on capital | Michael Evans

Fuji’s announcement of the X-Pro 2, X-E 2S and the X70 reminds me why I have a lot of time for that company. While I am at heart a Leica fan, Fuji comes second best in my firmament. I admire Fuji’s professionalism, its customer service and its policy of attempting, wherever possible, to upgrade older cameras so that owners do not feel shortchanged. From the beginnings of the XF-mount system, with the X-Pro 1 five years ago, Fuji has demonstrated a mature attitude in its dealings with photographers and has consistently managed to surprise us with great cameras. It’s not just the cameras, its the lenses. Fuji has developed a really tremendous range of XF lenses to suit any occasion and has stuck impressively to its lens road map.

Source: macfilos.com