Fuji X Adventures in North America – A Town Called Bradford |
Peter Dareth Evans

The fall season. The clouds race in from the West, shading this small town nestled in the Allegheny hills of Pennsylvania. I’m here on holiday for four weeks and I’m pacing the streets looking for things to shoot; houses with character, broken kerb-stones, fallen leaves, vivid signs and… people. All it takes are a comfortable pair of shoes – keep walking and sooner or later you get lucky. I’m walking the suburbs straddling West Washington Street. I hear a guitar strumming, a voice mumbling Elvis songs in a club singer’s drawl. I ask for a picture and he sings to me, eyes shining with delight as the music in his headphones plays a soundtrack to his life. A smile and a thank you and he walks away. Strumming and singing he turns a corner and is out of sight. And over the next week I hear him now and again, here and there – in the distance, threading the same grid of streets. What’s his story? It’s small town America and I guess most folks in town know his ways. Only the out of town stranger remains in the dark. So you gather a picture book with your camera and try to guess the stories, or failing that make up your own. And sometimes between shots when face to face you chat a little and try to dig up some of that small town lore. But it’s the outsider they really want to talk about. What’s the deal with the accent? Where are you from? What are you doing in Bradford? Why not New York or Chicago or New Orleans? ……..

Source: petetakespictures.com

Fuji X-Pro1

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