Fuji X Adventures in North America – Seeing Things in
Black and White | Peter Dareth Evans

As much as I love colour photography, there are some photographs that are just meant to be in black and white. However, in the shift they become less representational, more of a statement. Their worlds can be romantic, aching, nostalgic – or colder, darker, crueler. My exploration of Bradford continues, but here a friendly small town becomes lost in translation. There is no such thing as the commonplace. In monochrome, Bradford becomes something else… Something far away from Bedford Falls… A great feature of having a mirrorless camera such as the Fuji X cameras is that you can see in black and white. You quickly learn what scenes have a greater impact when shorn of the distractions of colour. When processing the images back home I found that the Replichrome preset package gave me a great consistent look in the form of their Kodak BW 400CN™ emulation. It can be found in the Replichrome I……

Source: petetakespictures.com

Fuji X-Pro1

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