Fuji X-E1 and X-E2 L Bracket Grip with Leather | Andrew Newson

I recently purchsased a cheap L bracket grip for my Fuji X-E2. I purchased this from a seller on Amazon called XCSOURCE, I would link to the exact prodcut (LB-XE1) but unfortunately it seems it’s currently out of stock. I found lots of options for these grips and some are as much as £75. Well I shopped around and decided not to go for the very cheapest, but for a slightly more expensive version that has a slot for a coin as well as an allen key bolt, for fixing to the camera. I figured that I am going to be out somewhere and need to remove the grip for some reason and be without an allen key, the extra few pounds seemed like a good idea. The grip cost £30 and it fits just fine and allows access to the battery compartment and SD card, very useful! I bought the grip for when I’m shooting landscapes in the winter. That is the time I normally throw myself in to a project which involves early starts and cold temperatures. I wanted something that added some bulk to the camera as sometimes I will be wearning gloves and also had an arca swiss plate for attaching to an arca swiss head on a tripod…….

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Fuji X-E2

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