Fuji X-E1 – The Journey Towards The Fujinon 35mm 1.4 Prime Lens |
Adrian Ainsworth

We recently went to Venice for a city break armed with both our Fuji X – E1 with the kit 18-55mm lens and our Canon 400D, which was firing through the barrel of a Sigma 70 – 300mm zoom.  Because the Fuji zoom lens is an above average stock lens we had most bases covered with this set up. Back home though and  we decided to give some thought to adding a lens to our kit but the question was what to go for? To help with this decision, I looked through our photos to see how we were shooting and it seems that with the Fuji X-E1 we shoot wide at 18mm, as below,  or on full zoom at 55mm as above. We rarely shot somewhere in between. At 18mm I was either shooting at around f8 to f10 doing cityscapes or I wanted the lowest aperture I could get f2.8, or I was at 55mm zooming in close to get the detail as with the carnival masks shot above. With the Canon we were picking out stuff further afield and getting the detail up close and dirty. Peanut especially enjoys the zoom work and snaffled perhaps our favourite shot of the trip, capturing the two gondoliers chatting below at 190mm. This points us to a number of possible lenses then. First, as we like 18 mm, we could go for the 18mm F2 R and enjoy the lovely possibilities offered by the even lower F2 aperture.  Looking back on our photos and seeing the proportion of our photos shot at this length makes this at first seem a great choice. The camera would be smaller still and even lighter and 70% of our photos would be covered by this lens……..

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