Fuji X-E1 vs. Nikon D800 – David and Goliath | Jiri Ruzek

That’s really too much. Comparing one of the best cameras of all time, Nikon D800 worth over € 2200 with Fuji X-E1 for some € 500? I totally agree. So why did I do something like that? No mystery. I had the famous Nikon D800 over one week at home and because it is almost exactly one year when I sold my old D700 and bought Fujifilm X-E1, I wanted to try it. The D800 would be definitely my next step in the Nikon line, so I also wanted to know how big difference is between those two cameras – the one I bought and the one I didn’t buy. What benefits would I get in D800 against D700? Full frame sensor (no change), giant 36 megapixel resolution instead of the current 12, a high quality video (instead of none). And again, over € 2000 investment into the camera body. It is well known that I chose a small mirrorless camera Fujifilm X-E1. Investments (the body) was below € 500. The camera has an APS-C sensor with 16 megapixels resolution, its video is usable, but it’s not the pride of X-E1. The cameras are totally different, how could I compare them? But I had to do it. This urge to tinker with it and maybe even humbly admit that perhaps you might be elsewhere. Or not?…….

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Fuji X-E1

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