Fuji-X Photographer Palle Schultz | 53mm

Fuji-X Photographer Palle Schultz Is A Portrait, Product and Landscape Photographer who enjoys the interaction between his subjects which inspires his photographs on both levels. He is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.Palle is the photographer who has a wonderful eye for colour and the grading employed to his photography is stunning. _53mm_ has been graced with many an example of this unique quality to his photographs. I think it every photographers desire to shoot with a signature style to their photographs and Palle has that in abundance. For those of us that aspire to deliver a personal fingerprint to our work, Palle would be a great role model, whose portfolio would be a fantastic starting point for study and exploration. 53mm is privileged to have him contribute to the X-pert 53 interviews…..

Source: Palle Schultz — 53mm