Fuji X-Pro2 initial thoughts and a model shoot | Mike Croshaw

I was lucky to get hold of an XPro2 slightly ahead of the general UK release date.  I was really keen to get one as I’d been holding out for one as my main camera and I have a wedding to shoot this weekend.  I’ve read all the reviews, but I took most of them with a pinch of salt, as the people who wrote them are mostly X-Photographers.  While I respect and admire a lot of them, at the end of the day, they get free gear from Fuji so of course they will be positive.  However, I’m really happy with the camera, here are my first impressions based on a day of heavy shooting.  This was a shoot for a mature model, who needed some shots for an agency.  I used a combination of lenses, the 50-140, the 56mm 1.2, the 35mm f2 and the 90mm f2.  All worked flawlessly. 1.It’s FAST, seriously fast.  Everything feels quicker, from just navigating the menus to autofocus, taking shots, even with flash, just felt quicker.  I used off camera flash for some of the shots on my shoot and it worked beautifully ( only for the indoor ones, the outdoor ones were natural light and a reflector ). This is the first X Series camera that has felt close to a DSLR in terms of general responsiveness.  I’ve used my X-T1 heavily for 2 years, so I really noticed the difference.  The speed I was able to fire off shots, even with the flash, but especially without it, was awesome.  You can tell the processor has had a serious speed hike…….

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